Wednesday, April 06, 2005

AFA tells me this...

Just got this from the virulant American Family Association. It's a list of liberal agenda items - I've added some context to their list:

Here is the agenda the liberals want to achieve. They want Senators to filibuster any judicial nominee who will not support this agenda.
  1. Approval of homosexual marriage (or just not killing or wounding or discriminating against homosexuals)
  2. Legalizing euthanasia (or just letting folks determine whether or not they want to be kept alive with medical intervention)
  3. Banning prayer in school (or being non-demoninational about it, recognize other religions, etc.)
  4. Banning the public display of the Ten Commandments (or adding displays for other religions in the U.S.)
  5. Banning the Pledge of Allegiancen (I didn't sign up for this...)
  6. Basing our laws on the laws of other nations (didn't sign up for this)
  7. Maintaining abortion on demand (yup, got me there)
  8. Forcing the Boy Scouts and similar organizations (including churches) to place homosexuals in positions of leadership (dear lord)
  9. Complete protection for all kinds of pornography (um...)
  10. Creating hate crimes laws to punish those who believe homosexuality is wrong (if they kill people)
  11. Denigrating Christianity to a secondary status (that there is a perspective issue)
  12. Making secularism the only legitimate religion (that's an ox, you moron)

Anybody got anything to add?


Drew said...

Actually this list is a little misleading. Truthfully, we liberals are not interested in putting homosexuals into positions of authority in churches, scouting, etc. Rather we are interested in mandatory homosexuality as both enforced diversity and population control.

It is only after this goal has been fully realized that we can move on to our agenda items of giving a new-construction townhouse to every baby seal, then killing children being rasied as Christians and serving their flesh on satay skewers to the homeless.

I'm sick of people acting like "liberal" is a dirty word and I'm proud to bring some much needed moral clarity to our national shouting match. I mean conversation.

Pam said...

I'm TOTALLY signing up for Drew's agenda and bumper stickering my car with things like "Mandatory Gayness for All!"

Also, I'm going to start canvassing for a government funded program that teaches evolution in Evangelical churches.

And how about a national "Pay to Pray" tax to fix our deficit? What could make more sense?

Lillian said...

See, start small & you two can lead the world to townhouses for baby seals & such...

Word y'all, you warm my heart. I suppose we should tax straight sex along with prayer - I'm thinking we could generate a bundle of cash & then burn it. Out of sheer willfullness...