Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Cabinet National Library

I love this. I can't stop looking at it. I really can't.

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Lillian said...

Nice. Reminds of Turrell's work, like the Roden Crater, go here for more on the guy: but really, this crater thing... (

"ART:21: Could you describe your first sighting of Roden Crater, how you knew this would be the one you wanted to use?

TURRELL: I was coming over the field from the west, actually about this time of day, about four-thirty in the afternoon, in November. And the sun was just about ready to set a little bit earlier in the winter. And I saw the craters in this field. There were two that I sort of looked at: one was S.P. Mountain, that flat one over there, and Antelope Hill, another one on the Babbitt Range. And I saw this one. This is really beautiful when the sun hits it in the afternoon because you really get the red and the black, that separation of the two craters from the west side. And it really stood out. The nice thing about it was that it was off by itself, so it didn't have other volcanoes that would be in the horizon when you were inside it. So I landed out here and just walked up into it, and stayed overnight here, just went all around it. Then I went in to the county seat, which is Flagstaff, the next day to see how it was owned. And actually it was privately held, so I thought, "Oh, should be able to get this." That's another story. (LAUGHS)"