Thursday, January 20, 2005

A House Divided

Now is a really good time to write to the president and remind him why you didn't vote for him. No, I mean right NOW. I'm just sayin, is all.


Lillian said...

President Bush,

Respectfully, I write you today to address some concerns. Hearing that you want to ensure that you are aware of issues of both the folks who voted for you & the folks who didn’t – I’m writing to you as one of the latter.

I am disturbed by your introduction of faith as a driving force for your policies, evident both in your speech content on why we are in Iraq (freedom is a divine gift from God, yes, but through whom?), and the way you are addressing domestic issues, such as gay marriage. To be more clear, as a Christian, you are not reflecting the values that Christ espoused. There is little tolerance in your actions and an overweening arrogance that is apparent in your every action.

Beyond that, I find that your struggles to resolve the Social Security Crisis are walking the country into bounty for only financial advisers, not for the people who involuntarily give each week, from their paychecks, to ensure a secure future. Your vision there is lacking – as recently as the 1960’s, the elderly were living largely in poverty. Social Security has changed the face of the nation & I am dismayed that you aren’t taking an approach that would secure funds for those who contribute.

Finally, I feel uncomfortable with the level of secrecy & duplicity, not to mention shying away from accountability that your administration exhibits on a daily basis. Admit your mistakes, stand for what you believe in without resorting to smug, self-conscious congratulations.

You were elected with the most votes of any president of the U.S. and by the narrowest margin. Your opponent garnered the second most votes of any presidential candidate. You do not have a mandate, do not “spend it” – whether it’s your style or not.

Lillian Bennett

Sinical said...

Not to get off target on this post, but I just wanted to add an interesting little anecdote...

Many of ya'll know that I sell steel for a wonderful company called Metals USA (hey, they could be watching me...). Some of our Metals USA branches in the north supply the armor plate (aka Abrasion Resistant or AR plate) to the military. Before Spc. Thomas Wilson stood up and asked Rumsfeld why we are having to dig through scrap bins for armor, purchase orders from the government were lagging because of unwillingness to pay and overall disorganization. The mills were not running at full capacity. Flash forward to today... One mill is not taking any orders for February and March. In addition, they have cancelled all orders on the books and are wholly committed to producing only AR plate. All because one guy in the army stood up and asked the right question at the right time about the wrong war at the wrong time.

Another interesting sidenote, in a conference call last month our company asked the government what the final cut sizes were on this armor plate. The answer was 75" widths, for the last 2 years the government has been buying 96" widths and scrapping the other 21". When asked whether they would like to change to the 75" widths to save billions of dollars. The response was, "Do you know how much paper work and hassle that will cause?" Yes, that's right, millions of dollars wasted by the government because people are too lazy to change their paperwork. For those wishing to do the math (Pam stop reading here)... I estimate about 15,000 tons going over there monthly with about 1/4 being scrap x $1.05/lb. Roughly $7,875,000 in scrap waste every month.

Last little tidbit (I promise), our facilities in the north have been allowing troops to raid the scrap bins before going overseas. Most of the troops have heard how scarce the armor is in Iraq that they have begun to scrounge around our giant "trash" bins for armor. Sad. Very sad.

Jason B said...

Pam, I concur with yours and Lillian's statements. I've been trying all morning to write something meaningful to no avail. I tried pretending he would actually read it, but everything I came up with seemed a litany of liberal anger that he would dismiss as "misinformed." I tried pretending that he wouldn't read it, and that it was for my own sense of closure, but the rambling depressed memo that emerged seemed like the wrong thing to have floating around the White House inbox. You guys got any ideas on how to approach it?

Constance said...

As much as I would like to give everyone (myself included) the hope that Bush would read any comment we wrote to him, I don't believe that he will. What's more, even if he read our comments, I doubt he will take anything to heart. Mainly because I think he believes everything he says.
All of us know that he doesn't write anything he says in public and from that simpleton smile he constantly wears in public and his past transgressions, can you blame them for not letting him speak off the cuff? But I digress...
My point is that our current president is spoon-fed every idea he espouses. He's like a bobble-head doll that keeps nodding and not processing the information he's given. He trusts the people telling him what is best for the country, so actual belief closely follows. And a person like that is never going to listen to dissenting views.
I really don't mean to sound so cynical (that's Steve's job, I know), but with this last election, the American public basically told him that we believe in him and that he's doing a good job. That's told him all he needs to know. I firmly believe that our comments no longer mean anything to him. I know that wasn't helpful Jason. Sorry :(