Thursday, April 28, 2005

Weddings, Afternoons, and Paul Rucker

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Smells like sunshine, don't it? I spent this afternoon (Thursday) speaking with an old friend from my days in Pittsburgh, Kavita. She's getting married about a year from now, to a Providence speechwriter/pizza tosser turned med student. They're having a hybrid Catholic/South Indian wedding. I already asked the brazenly gauche question: is the Indian version like in Monsoon Wedding? Answer: no, that is North Indian, and the ceremonies are quite different. She was the only person that I look back and feel was missing from our ceremony 4 years ago (don't even get me into a conversation about who should have been left off the invitation list).

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In my ideal world, weddings would be like amped up dinner parties - ritual, food, friends, toasts, a raising of the spirits. Having witnessed and heard about others' weddings since our date, I am coming to realize that this is not a common phenomenon. It's hard to tread the thin line of serious ritual and uplifting celebration, particularly when so much cultural baggage is built into the details of the Western wedding ceremony.

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I'm bringing all of this up as Stephen's wedding is right around the corner, but also as this is the season for these things, this kind of attitude is one I'd like to foster for the next few months. Having Drew and Alex in town kicked off this feeling. It's close to the solstice and so our energy level is at its height. We try to create stories in the summer that sustain us through winter. It's weddings, beach trips, frisbee in the park, playing music together in fields. NOT watching cable - not cocooning. :)

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Leaving one of the other Blind Shoemakers' houses last night, I talked with the uke player about having an artichoke party - dipping the leaves in butter, scraping off the meat with our teeth. Feel free to invite yourself. I hope to see all of you many times in the next few months with as many serious celebrations as we can muster.


Pam said...

Okay, there are two things in the post that making me jump up and down with glee.

1. "Aritichoke dipping party." Genius! When are we coming over?

2. "The other uke player." We are legion, spreading aloha and maybe western swing tunes mixed with a little Beatles all over the greater Seattle area!

Jason B said...

Ok Pam, we're on. I'll ask my uke compadre tomorrow night. Lillian gets Zucchini(sp?)

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