Monday, April 18, 2005

Visitors and Guests

In response to my complaints of guilt paralysis and the dread of energy draining apologies about blogging and email replies, a friend said, "don't apologize." So I won't.

now playing: Karmacoma - Massive Attack (no joke!)

I worked off a lack of response to an email from Drew about my planned MP3 player purchase by hosting he and his partner Alex for the weekend, and whipping up a comfort dinner of beef stew, mashed potatoes, and pineapple upside-down cake from a new recipe. This after a long walkabout (7 or 8 miles) in Ballard, taking in Sunset Hill, Golden Gardens, Market Street, and 17th Ave. My doggies were whupped. I've really missed hosting folks for short/long weekends, mooch tours, etc., so consider yourself invited.

now playing: unknown Nigerian Rap - unknown artist

Andrew brought along a promo cdcast that Jeff Chang (Quannum) handed out in Chicago at a reading for his latest book, "Can't Stop, Won't Stop." An

It didn't start so well. Clive played some dancehall tunes, ones guaranteed to rock any yard dance. Like any proud DJ, he wanted to stamp his personality onto his playlist. But this was the Bronx. They wanted the breaks. So, like any good DJ, he gave the people what they wanted, and dropped some soul and funk bombs. Now they were packing the room. There was a new energy. DJ Kool Herc took the mic and carried the crowd higher.

"All people would hear is his voice coming out from the speakers," Cindy says. "And we didn't have no money for a strobe light. So what we had was this guy named Mike. When Herc would say, 'Okay, Mike! Mike with the lights!', Mike flicked the light switch. He got paid for that."

The cdcast (I don't know what else to call it, a combo of music mix and documentary voiceover) showcased some classic dub and dancehall along with early 80s hiphop I didn't recognize (at least on first listen). Lots of great music and opening our home to guests. Always greater dividends than effort expended.

now playing: Coppers - Dr. Israel with Rancid

In completely unrelated news, I just finished reading Alice Walkers' Temple of My Familiar. Best book I've read since Pamuk's Black Book in 2002. Please check it out when you're done with your current reading selection. Magical realism without being psychedelic.


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