Friday, April 22, 2005

Sleepless in Seattle

Up last night until 4am after feeling a combo of irkedness and exhilaration - the former from dipshits at work, the latter from the Blind Shoemakers, or whatever we're calling our ragtag band of oddball musicians that show up Wednesday nights to drink wine, eat rice, and sing Beefheartian spirituals. For some reason, I thought that catching up on blogs would calm me down. I find that reading blogs tends to set back my ability to process information or feel at ease. Information now has a lower overload threshold, and in our apocalyptic? just another day? times, I feel needy for it in the same way Stephen does for cable.

Currently reading:
Brad DeLong (former undersecretary of the Treasury during Clinton administration)
Get Religion (what it sounds like: coherent analysis of religion in the press)
Scobleizer (Microsoft kool-aid drinker with a mind to improve the technology, or at least the marketing)
Mark A. R. Kleiman (public policy professor at UCLA)
Free Republic (a behind the scenes look at who the press thinks steers our elections, the self-satisfied red-staters)
along with liberal helpings of Kos and Yglesias.

Then there's the MP3 blogs. I have over 24 hours of music downloaded at this point. It's a nervous habit at this point, like picking my nose. These things are better than anything Napster could have come up with. I could care less about podcasting - these blogs are great because they act as a filter for the matrix of music hiding in the wires. Quality rather than quantity. There's a review of everything posted, and they graciously pull down tracks 7-10 days later. Much of it is unreleased, like the Diplo "Favela on Blast" mix of Brazilian mash-up MCs, and 95% of my acquisitions I love, unlike the catalogs of Napster addicts I've observed. I won't give you a list, as I tend to wander aimlessly via sidebar nav links, but a good start is Greensboro-based Honey, Where You Been So Long or Dakar-based Benn loxo du taccu.

Here it is 1am, and I'm listening to a download of Bigga Bush's (Rockers Hifi) recent online radio mix. Samba, dub/dancehall, string-laden old skool, and nu-jazz beats (currently sounding like a remix of Mia Doi Todd's Manzanita). I'm never going to sleep again.

PS - I almost forgot - on the subject of MP3 blogs, M.Matos of the Village Voice/Seattle Weekly recently gave a paper at the EMP pop conference on the evolution of the Apache break/sample in hip-hop. Oliver Wang responds with a somewhat extensive posting of Apache-based tunes.

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