Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Who thought a month could be such a short amount of time?

As a kid, 1 afternoon alone used to be endless. Now it's three weeks before I realize any time has passed. Someone please wake me tomorrow when I'm dead. I dumped my entire being into work for a couple of months to try to prove that career even means anything in the new millennium. I'm ready to start posting again, in the midst of my heaviest work week ever - if only because sleep dep limits logical thinking. I'll try to break it into smaller tales rather than make an Iliad of it. Expect more this afternoon and tomorrow.

Shout outs: Bro! Fiancee! Wifings! Drew! Pam! GB! Constance! Wes!

Obligatory current music selection: "Agony of Lafitte" - Spoon

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Drew said...

Holla-ing back
Yes, I can't believe it's been 8 days since I first intended to comment on this post.