Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dr. Gonzo finds a way to enjoy golf

I would probably be a dues-paying member of the NRA if they marketed themselves a little differently. Depp does a better H. Thompson, but Murray's imitation is satisfying in its own flawed way.

In Northwest news, we seem to be too swamped to go house shopping, plan vacations, exercise, or watch movies. However, we will be going to a birthday party tonite. I'll be playing the harmonium, the German/Indian equivalent of the accordion. Nothing like a good drone to calm the addled mind.

Obligatory music note: currently playing Hubbard/Peterson's version of "All Blues," from Face to Face.

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Jason B said...


We played "Say it's your Birthday" by the Beatles and "The Death of Ferdinand Saussure" by Magnetic Fields. As far as the lyrics are decipherable, "Ferdinand"'s about shooting a nihilist for miscomprehending love. And surprisingly gorgeous in the chorus.

Turns out from the Semiotics experts in the room (I was informed that if you became a Semiotician after studying Semiotics, that you had missed the point) that Ferdinand was a Swiss linguist who never wrote anything, and went mad later in life. Never shot as far as anyone knew.

All in all, a good birthday party: complete with DIY sushi (jellyfish cooked in bacon grease!), too much sake, bhangra, a pool table, hot tub, and 4 year old.