Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Roll Call

Ya know, I told myself I wouldn't leave another message today for the simple reason that it looks like I'm a slack ass with no work. Then, I reconsidered - most of ya'll already know that information and for those that don't, it's going to become rather obvious anyway. So between yahoo spades, checking the hip-hop message boards for new music, and looking at the new gossip on imdb.com - I thought I'd introduce myself...

Name: Stephen Bennett (yeah, that Jason kid from the city with the Space Needle is my brother)

Age: 26 (but I don't act a day older than 25)

Headshot: Flat, floppy brown hair with a part down the middle to cover up the receding hair line (yeah, it's the best hairstyle I could come up with), deep-set hazel eyes with no dark circles (9 hours of sleep per night - don't tell me, I already know you're jealous), thin lips (think John Cusack thin, then reduce), giant schnaz (think Adrien Brody big, then increase), freckles (I'm not Opie Taylor, but I've got some), redneckesque beard (thin enough for people to suggest shaving - laziness prevails), ears that fit the face (which isn't a good thing).

Interests: Blatant Bush/Republican bashing, listening to independent hip-hop (and knowing all the latest gossip on who has been assasinated by one of Suge Knight's thugs this week), movie critiquing, discussing sports and the implications of Randy Moss' mooning on society as a whole, NBA basketball appreciater (I'm a minority on this one), ACC basketball complainer (why did they expand the league to let in VT and Miami, damnit), playing basketball (when it's not 15 fucking degrees outside), K&W eating (did you know, that I can get out of there for $4 when I eat a four vegetable meal), and enjoying Fox News for the simple reason that I can yell at the television for some reason other than sports.

Trademarks: Still saying, "bitchez" - even though the phrase is more played out than that Rick James line, rubbing on my beard and luring my listener into thinking I'm going to say something profound and then disappointing them with a conversation about Ashlee Simpson's horrendous singing at the USC game, acting like I have answers to life's questions and not having a clue, wearing cargo pants and Tim's in the middle of summer, and sporting the most faded baseball cap imagionable crooked (Jay Z style). And of course, Sinical is the sign off.

Signing off,

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Lillian said...

Hi all, I'm Lillian & here's my stuff:

I like to do art & astrology. Astrology interests me the way writing & more specifically, poetry, interests me. The reason is that I see communication happening between the lines & often based on what is unsaid (at least as often as what's explicit). I find that old superstitions, old wives tales & the non-mainstream methods of understanding the world around us as having untold value, no matter where you fall in following/believing their "truth".

I am 38 this year. That's about 17 years older than I thought I'd ever be. I've always wanted to be older & nothing really has changed in that regard.

I run, work out, look for ways to involve myself in physical activity. I love to dance.

I laugh a lot, perhaps not taking seriously the attachment most folks have to their day-to-day. I often have to bite my tongue during meetings, and equally often am shushed. I like brainy, funny people and have an especial regard for folks who have tread the road less travelled.

I am a tall, big woman, with brown hair and brown eyes. My face is moon shaped, round straight on & like a crescent moon in profile. I think I'm beautiful, but that may be mere amazement at any physical form. I think most people are beautiful.

I am a seeker, curious about your way of life, while mining the information to see where paths may intersect, and where I can learn to live more actively.

I need quiet as often as I crave excitement. This is new information to me. I am learning to be quiet.

Music is how I relate to folks. I am neutral on a lot of music, as most folks, I love what I loved when I was 14. I am amazed by musicians and people with a good ear. I learn a lot from melody, more from lyrics.

I get fussy, struggle to reconcile a fucked-up childhood with a healthy adulthood. If I am pre-occupied, it is because I am restraining myself from my broken-instinctive responses to life.

I am grateful, to those around me, to what I get to learn and to life.

Next??? Who are you?