Monday, January 17, 2005

Hey, no formalities, k?

What up all? No idea the complete list of folks invited to post, but I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully it will be a nice extension of the email threads that have been overlapping back and forth via various circles on coasts left, right, and north (word, Drew). So, right to it.

I'm slacking out of the house today - they're replacing the gas line out front and have literally removed the driveway ramp (?) to the street. So I have to make my own coffee. I've got this theory going right now about how Americanos are better for you than drip coffee because of the reduced caffeine content. After 3 cups of drip at Longshoreman's, I'm ON A MENTAL MISSION, and my body parts refuse to listen to me any longer. But I'm stuck with drip today, and a crapload of work, so forward march.

Before I depart, a quick link to a service I've been enjoying for the last couple of weeks. Last.Fm is a streaming site that builds playlists based on what you play - your playlists auto-upload into their database. You need the audioscrobbler plugin (free) for your player of choice, but for any ripped music geeks, it's an easy way to connect to other geeks with similar music tastes. Other folk's playlists/"radio stations" are suggested, and you can add non-ripped tracks to your profile. It's a step up from the typical radio stations on the web(though there are plenty of those worth checking out). I'm on there as StoneRose30.

Peace out,
[currently listening to BBC 1Xtra - DJ Flight]

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Lillian said...

FYI - I passed on to a co-worker, the one who loves Clem Snide, Fred Eagle Smith & Nick Drake. He's all up ons, you may see him soon as he loads up his preferences.